Merge PST

A software for smoothly consolidate your multiple PST files in 3 steps only.

Merge PST Files

  • Consolidate PST files through join, merge and merge contact options.
  • Merge and join multiple Outlook PST files.
  • Merge multiple Outlook folders.
  • Expeditious merge and joining.
  • Defend the integrity of authentic PST files.
  • No size limit of files for consolidation.
  • Assist to merge both UNICODE and ANSI PST files.
  • Supports Microsoft outlook 2016, 1013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and earlier versions.

Significant features of Merge PST files

Merge Outlook PST

Consolidate PST Files

Merge PST is tool to select and combine two or multiple PST files. It allows you to consolidate files through Join, Merge and Merge Contacts options.

Create New PST

New PST File

This software facilitates you to store the merged or joined data into a new PST file through the wizard at your desired location and folder.

Join PST

Join PST Files

This feature allows you to combine the selected PST files into a new file. Combined files through this option will be stored in a same order as was used in selection of file.

Merge PST Files

Merge PST Files

This feature merges similar folders and join the rest distinct data item from selected multiple PST files and store them to new PST file.

Merge Folders

Merge Contact Folders

Merge PST has a unique feature to merge contact folders of selected PST files. This feature allows you to merge contact folders of selected PST files and store them into a new PST file.

No Limit of files

No File Limit

This software is designed with robust algorithm that allows you to join or merge any files without considering its file sizes and store them into a new PST file.

Protect Integrity

Protect Integrity

Merge PST is designed with advanced technology that defends the original properties of data of multiples PST files after merge and never touches or make any change in folder hierarchy.



Including Outlook 2016 this software supports all version of MS Outlook and smoothly run over windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista or Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 2012(32 and 64 bit).

Merge PST Files Software Screenshots

Add PST Files
Step 1: Add PST Files.
Join PST
Step 2: Select PST Merge Options.
Merge Status
Step 3: Show Merge file status.
PST Merge Specifications
PST Merger


System Specifications

Application Pre-Requisites

  • MS Outlook should be installed properly.
FAQ (Questions & Answers)
Does it provide any option to merge other file items individually?

No, this software has no option to merge other file items individually. It allows you to merge or join PST files either complete or on contact folder basis.

Does it allow amalgamating the PST files?

No, this software does not allow you to join or merge PST files in existing file. It creates new PST file to store the joined or merged data.

Does it merge deleted folders?

Yes, this software joins or merges deleted folders of multiple PST files.

Does it support different Outlook profiles for merging?

Yes, it supports different Outlook profiles for merging.

Does it merge corrupt PST files?

No, this software does not merge or join corrupt PST files.

What Clients Says

The large number of PST files in my Outlook personal folder mailboxes. I have face problem during maintaining multiple pst file in Outlook. Gratefully, I was told about PST Merge tool that fulfill my needs. Thank You!

Nathan Moorhouse, Australia

I had to manage PST file separately and remove duplicate PST files. I have faced much issue when I was managing PST file using manual process. Luckily I had got PST File Merge solution from Google that merge large no. of PST file.

Adam Engberg, United Kingdom
Evaluate the Free Version vs Full Version

Benefits Free Version Full Version
Add & Remove Multiple PST files
No File Size Limit
Merge & Join Outlook PST Files 20 Items/Folder
Merge Contacts 20 Contacts/Folder
Supports All MS Outlook Version
24X7 Free Support
Cost FREE $49